Say Goodbye to Plastic Pots!

Keep getting spindly, sad little plants? Get to the root of the problem and switch to fabric pots!

The feel of fabric – Why fabric beats plastic

If you’ve been in the growing game for more than a couple of seasons, you may be getting tired of your plastic growing pots’ performance. You want plants to grow bigger, bushier, faster, but you’re just not getting there. 

Thing is, plastic pots are stagnant and rigid. They don’t breathe well at all, and the drainage system leaves little to be desired. Yet, what other choices do you have besides plastic if you’re on a tight budget?

Have you heard of fabric – or cloth – pots? It’s honestly one of the best options for growing plants. You could say fabric pots have the upper hand when taking comfort back to the roots!

Why are they better than plastic? See, it’s not natural for a plant’s roots to just go down, but to go out, too. In a plastic pot, there’s nothing to signal the roots to spot growing longer. So they grow and grow until they wrap around and tangle into themselves and choke.

With the fabric growing pots, a natural pruning process for the plant’s lovely roots occurs, increasing the plant’s yield. The roots sense the air passing through the breathable fabric, which signals for them to stop growing. No more massive herbicidal root balls!  

Here are a few more reasons to use fabric pots instead of plastic:

  • Temperature regulation – superior insulation helps protect your plants in the case of a power outage
  • Water drainage – excess water drains quickly, preventing root rot, fungus and other soil ailments
  • Easy to transport – they’re super lightweight when dry and fold down flat 

Common Questions about Fabric Pots

Here are a few of the most common questions about cloth pots that we get down at the shop. Of course, if you have any we don’t cover, we’re available from 10am to 6pm every day to answer them!

Do I need to use a liner with cloth pots?

Water has an astounding ability to erode away all things over time – just ask the Grand Canyon! Likewise, expect water to do the same with your cloth pots with enough time.

Using a liner in your cloth pots helps prevent this from happening. Polypropylene or thin plastic liners (which we sell at St. Joe Hydro, by the way).

Are fabric pots environmentally friendly?

The short answer is yes! Fabric pots are very environmentally friendly. Most fabric pots are made with breathable, BPA-free materials. Some are made with a double layer of polypropylene sewn in. This helps the pots retain moisture and prevent breakdown.

How long do fabric pots last?

Usually between 3 and 5 years, but that is really up to you and how you care for the plants and the pot you use. If you take good care of them by keeping them out of direct sunlight and cleaning and storing them properly, you can get them to last far longer. Strong UV exposure and certain types of chemicals and fertilizers that you use on your plants contribute to the material breaking down quicker.

Can you get root rot in fabric pots?

Examples of root rot. Sometimes accompanied by a very strong, unpleasant odor.

Root-rot happens when the soil is over-saturated. In other words, you water too much and the roots stay soaked in water for too long. The roots really can’t handle the excess moisture and they literally drown, then decay. It’s a great way to accidentally kill a plant.

With fabric pots, you get a lot more aeration, meaning the roots will stay nice and evenly moist. In the event you do accidentally over water, the excess can drain easily through the fabric.

It’s good to note that plants in fabric pots need more frequent watering than plants kept in solid containers. Root rot – while it can still happen – is only a concern in fabric pots if you use a plastic liner.

Grassroots – the BEST fabric pots in St. Joe

Meet the Grassroots family of fabric pots!

There are dozens of brands of fabric pots out there on the market. Out of all of them, we picked Grassroots to offer to you in our store. 

We sell both lined (Living Soil pots) and unlined fabric pots and larger grow bed liners. We stock the individual pots in all sizes up to 30 gallons and bed liners up to size 4’x8′. The bed liners are absolutely perfect for Gorilla or AC INFINITY grow tents!

Here are a few other features that make up the awesomeness of Grassroots:

  • BPA and heavy metal-free (unless your plants are “head-bangers,” too!)
  • Made from polypropylene and high-performance bonded thread
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Double-stitched bottom seam
  • The bed liners have a 4′ aeration strip sewn into the bottom

To wrap it all up…

Fabric pots are far superior to the standard plastic nursery pots because:

  • They are made from lightweight, washable, breathable materials
  • Collapsible and very easy to store when not in use
  • Durable materials will last you years if cared for properly
  • Prevents roots from circling or rotting

So if you’re ready to give fabric pots a try, come on down to St. Joe Hydro. We’ll not only help you pick out exactly what you need, but we’ll give you tips and tricks to help you succeed no matter what you grow!