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St Joe Hydro’s mission is to help medical marijuana patients by being a growers single-source outfitter for the latest and greatest in top-notch growing products, options, ideas and more. We are proud to be a team of horticulture professionals and enthusiasts, committed to sharing our passion and expertise with others in our growing community.

We carry and sell organic soils, additives, & nutrients, as well as advanced lighting technology, and state of the art hydroponic equipment used by commercial and home growers alike.

We are here to assist organic gardeners in growing the best plants they have ever experienced with a proven natural system from start to finish. One of our goals is to have “living Soil” in every grow room & every garden in our grower’s community.”

First Things First:    Get Legal—Then Get Growing!

Missouri voters passed Amendment 2 which legalizes growing, manufacturing, selling and consuming cannabis and cannabis products for medical use at the state level. Patients and caregivers are able to apply for a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card after being evaluated and diagnosed with a qualifying condition by a certified physician.

St Joe Hydro encourages all of its new potential customers to “Get Legal” before investing in the equipment and supplies required to start a medical marijuana grow garden. We can help with referring you to local qualified physicians, as well as Medical Marijuana Certification Clinics.

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