Getting Started

Getting Started with A Hydroponic Grow

If you are ready to try your hand at hydroponics, you will need several basic tools: pots to hold the plants and some sort of growing media; a tray to catch the nutrient and return it to the main reservoir if you are using a recirculating system. The main nutrient reservoir has a pump in it that circulates the nutrient and water to the plants.

It is not necessary to use a pump and nutrient reservoir to grow hydroponically. You can still water by hand if you choose. The trick is not to let things dry out. We are big fans of using coco coir fiber as a growing medium for hand watering. Coco Coir is an amazing product (that happens to be organic) and it only needs to be watered once per day. There are naturally occurring enzymes in the coconut fiber which promotes rapid fuzzy root growth like you’ve never seen with soil.


You will need hydroponic nutrients, a pH tester and optimally, a nutrient level tester. There are numerous inexpensive kits that provide all of this in one package – these are great if you want to grow just a few plants. If you are interested in growing on a larger scale, we offer package systems which we have put together, or you can piece your own together with our extensive inventory and options.

What type of Hydroponic System?

There are five main types of hydroponic systems: Ebb & Flow (also known as flood and drain), NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), Deep Water Culture, Drip Systems and Aeroponic systems. No matter what kind of system you choose, the goal is the same: to provide an optimum environment in which plants will thrive, growing faster and healthier than you’ve ever seen before.