The Best Grow Tents in St. Joe

These are the BEST grow tents for your indoor garden and you’ll find them right here in St. Joe!

Why do I need a grow tent?

Because this ain’t California! If it was, we’d be growing outdoors year-round. But, since this is Missouri, where it literally goes from 70 one day to 1 the next morning (like it just did this week), you’ll need to raise your plants indoors. 

To do that, you need to control the growing environment, and unless you have an entire room to dedicate to the project, you’ll need a grow tent. A well-built grow tent will do several things for you:

  • Keeps in humidity
  • Maintains a more stable temperature, even when you’re working in it
  • Keeps OUT those ANNOYING pests! (Like aphids, white flies, and gnats)
  • It’s cost-effective – saving you both energy and money
  • Keeps out ambient light during your dark cycles so your plants don’t hermi (turn hermaphrodite)

Don’t think grow tents are just for medical plants, either – a lot of folks use them to grow tomatoes, basil, and other veggies all winter long. With food prices rising, it’s a great idea!

How to pick the best grow tent

A good grow tent is durable, portable, and should last you years. Think of a tent purchase as an investment into your health and well-being. As such, there’s two things you need to consider before running into the store to make a purchase:

1. Space

At St. Joe Hydro, we supply tents ranging in floor sizes from 2’x2’ (perfect for a corner or closet) all the way up to 4’x8’ (which is a sizable garden). First consider where you want to set up your tent. 

Is there a reliable power supply nearby? Is there space to run ventilation ducts? Is there enough space for you to get in and work comfortably? Can your home electrical system handle the power requirements of horticulture lights?

Once you take some measurements and know the size of the space you can grow in, you can consider what type of tent to get.

2. Quality

A good grow tent is one that is durable, portable, and will last you for years. The way to tell you’re getting the kind of quality you and your plants deserve is to look for:

  • A thick, durable canvas with good, tight stitching. 
  • Heavy-duty zippers on the doors.
  • Viewing windows so you don’t have to constantly open up your setup to check on your plants.
  • Ventilation ports for maintaining proper air flow.
  • Durable insulation to lock in moisture and heat and keep out bugs. Ideal tent liners are reflective to maximize the amount of light reaching your plants.
  • A sturdy frame. If you can hang from the inside of your tent frame, it’ll hold up plants no problem.
  • Lightweight enough to easily move if necessary.

Gorilla & AC Infinity – The two best grow tents on the market

At St. Joe Hydro, we are serious about offering only the BEST grow tents to our community. That’s why we carry both Gorilla and AC Infinity brand grow tents in a wide variety of sizes to suit every grower’s needs.

Why are we so hyped about these tents? For one, they are THE MOST reliable tents in the industry. Two – we use them ourselves! 

You really can’t go wrong with either one, but to help you with a decision, here are the stats for each brand:

Gorilla Grow Tent

These tents deserve their name. They are truly the toughest, most durable and longest-lasting tents you can find online or off – and we sell them right here so you don’t have to wait to get growing!

The Gorilla Grow Tent was created back in 2011 to “produce the thickest, strongest, and most durable indoor grow tent that could also adjust vertically to instantly increase much needed grow space.” It remains the number one bestselling grow tent worldwide. 

Gorilla Grow Tent stats:

  • Fabric thickness of 1680D – several times thicker than cheaper brands!
  • Easy to clean and keep sanitized
  • Lined with diamond reflective technology – seals in heat and disperses light 
  • Reinforced for unbelievable strength and durability 
  • LITE LINE model can adjust to a height of up to 9’

AC Infinity Grow Tents

We carry several AC Infinity products – such as fans, ducting/ventilation, and carbon filters – as well as grow tents in several sizes. They are a good, reliable brand all indoor and hydroponics growers can trust. 

Driven by a desire to provide the highest quality products, AC Infinity takes great care with how their grow tents are designed. Their technology focuses on environmental controls to make sure you have the best tent for your plants.

AC Infinity tents are just as classy and durable as Gorilla tents, but run just a bit on the cheaper side, making these a great choice for beginning growers on a super tight budget.  

AC Infinity grow tent stats:

  • Thickness of 2000D oxford or Mylar canvas
  • 150 lb capacity steel poles
  • Silent, effective fan system
  • An aluminum plate mount for your controllers 

The “Chris-notes” on Grow Tents

If you want to start your new indoor grow project right this year, you need the best grow tent for your money. Grow tents help you control your plants’ environment, retain essential moisture, lock out pests, and disperse your lighting for maximum growth in the most energy efficient way possible.

We sell only the BEST grow tents on the market to our St. Joe community of growers and gardeners: Gorilla and AC Infinity.

Both these tents are durable, rugged, super-strong, and come in any size you need for the space you can grow in and the number of plants you want to grow. If we don’t have the size you need in-store, let us know and we will happily order one for you!

Have any questions about grow tents? Need to know what size you need for the type of plants you want to grow?

Come on down to St. Joe Hydro and talk to us! We’re here 7-days a week from 10am to 6pm, and we’ll gladly answer all your hydroponics questions.